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Philpott Toyota Pre-Owned Specials

     X-Mas time is coming soon and the Pre-Owned Specials at Philpott Toyota are starting 12-7-2018 all the way thru 12-22-2018, What does that mean for YOU simple bring this ad in with you to the store and get an extra $500.00 off our everyday low SONIC PRICE. That's right an extra $500.00 off our everyday low SONIC PRICE, what is Sonic Price? We get on line just like our customers and we shop every Pre-Owned vehicle we have in stock to see what the market is (the actual selling price) for vehicles just like ours we go…
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Be Ready for Unexpected Weather

Being caught unprepared when the weather becomes unmanageable can be a scary situation. If you live near Nederland, Texas, you know that the weather can take a turn for the worse very quickly. When it becomes too harsh to continue on, the only thing to do is to pull over.

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Explore the Benefits of Leasing a New Toyota in Nederland, TX

Preparing to add a new Toyota to your driveway?

What if you could drive a brand new Toyota model every few years and enjoy that new car smell more often?

It's possible when you lease at Philpott Toyota.

Leasing Explained

  • Drive a new vehicle for a few years, return it, and start again with another brand new model
  • Stay current with technology and safety features
  • Save money (leasing is almost always cheaper than buying)
  • Make lower initial and monthly payments
  • Only pay back the car's depreciation over the course of the lease
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New Eco-Friendly Toyota Headquarters is Finished

Toyota is doing everything it can to invest in improving, and building new, American facilities. They have recently finished a billion dollar headquarters in Texas as part of its plan to spend ten billion on American investment. The new headquarters will increase efficiency for every Toyota driver, including us in the Nederland, Texas. The new campus is 100 acres, and will take in more than 4000 Toyota employees. Toyota has integrated a lot of new technology into its headquarters, including a lot of eco-friendly innovations.

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Toyota Tacoma tears up the trails of the Pacific Northwest at annual Hotel Tacoma event!

Let's be honest folks, when most people think of Toyota cars, safety and sensibility often are the first things that come to mind. And that's a well-deserved reputation, as Toyota offers an array of reliable cars and innovative safety technology suite like Toyota Safety Sense-P on many of its new models. That said, as great as Toyota cars are for families and daily commuters, there are plenty of models in the Toyota portfolio that aren't above a little fun in the mud. And there's no better place to do so than Hotel Tacoma.


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Important Tips Before Taking that Road Trip

Before you pack up the car and head out for that memorable road trip, pay close attention to these guidelines before you go. There have been countless vacations surely ruined that could have gotten prevented if the drivers had taken a few extra precautions in advance.

Before you head out for that trip, consider the following:

Make certain the tire pressure is precise in all the tires.

Check the radiator when the engine is coolant and add the appropriate fluid.

Keep a spare gallon of coolant in the car in case the vehicle overheats on the road...

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Tire Service Can Be a Beneficial Maintenance

Tire service is something that most reputable tire service centers offer for your vehicle that can provide many benefits over the course of ownership. There are different services for tires, one of which is tire rotation. By getting tire service completed at regular intervals, you can receive the maximum length of time out of the tires you have on your vehicle...

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