The Prius usually isn't associated with utility and convenience. Most people just think that the Toyota Prius is a popular compact hybrid. In reality, it provides a lot of benefits in terms of convenience and utility. Learn what you can expect when you buy a new Prius.

Heated seats are one of the most convenient features to have during cold times. The Prius comes equipped with SofTex seats that have an internal warming system. Whenever you are confronted with cold weather, just hit the button to start feeling enveloped by warmth.

You don’t have to leave your precious cargo behind when you drive a Prius. Take advantage of the 60/40 seat fold down seats to get up to 65.5 cu. ft. of cargo space. If you need to carry passengers in the rear seats, you still have access to 27.4 cu. ft. of space in the trunk area.

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