All-New Toyota Tacoma and the Countless Safety Features

The all-new Toyota Tacoma is a midsize pickup truck that is turning the automotive industry on its head. These are safety features you wouldn't expect to find in a truck.

Get the new Tacoma on the open road and the Lane Departure Alert begins working to keep you safer by watching the lane lines to see if you begin drifting. Whether tired or distracted, the vehicle sends a vibration signal to the steering wheel so the drive snaps to attention and corrects the drifting.

Another useful safety feature in the Tacoma is the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system. Once you select your speed, the radar scans well ahead to identify a slower moving vehicle and slow down the Tacoma by powering down the braking system. Once the area is clear, the cruise resumes the desired speed.

See these safety features in action when you visit Philpott Toyota and test drive the Tacoma.



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