Philpott Toyota Pre-Owned Specials

     X-Mas time is coming soon and the Pre-Owned Specials at Philpott Toyota are starting 12-7-2018 all the way thru 12-22-2018, What does that mean for YOU simple bring this ad in with you to the store and get an extra $500.00 off our everyday low SONIC PRICE. That's right an extra $500.00 off our everyday low SONIC PRICE, what is Sonic Price? We get on line just like our customers and we shop every Pre-Owned vehicle we have in stock to see what the market is (the actual selling price) for vehicles just like ours we go out 300 miles from our store and just like you the customer what you find is that our prices are Accurate and In Line with what you find. So rest easily this ensures you that you are getting a Great Deal from Philpott Toyota and the extra $500.00 off when you show bring in this ad even makes it better.
Pre-Owned sale starts 12-7-2018 t 9:00 am and ends 12-22-2018 at 5:00 pm so as the song says don't pout, don't cry, I'm telling you why the Pre-Owned sale starts Friday 12-7-2018
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