Vehicle Warning Light Indicators are Important

Here at Philpott Toyota, we want to make sure your vehicle is always running at its maximum potential, which is why we feel taking care of your engine is of great importance. In the past, vehicle warning light indicators were solely dedicated to providing a caution when a fault had been found in the engine, but in the 21st-century, technology has moved forward to allow a range of parts of a vehicle to be monitored for problems and malfunctions.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System has become one of the most important and effective aspects of the latest technology being used in vehicles being developed in recent years. Another new addition those living and working in Nederland, TX should watch out for are traction control and ESP fault warnings. These common indicators may light up when the stability control system is not working to its maximum potential and a code has been registered in the system.

Don’t hesitate if one or more of your dashboard warning lights flashes on in your Toyota vehicle. Make your way to our Toyota service center in Nederland for service and repairs!

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